5 Tips for Setting up or Buying an Ecommerce Company

It’s all over the media how e-commerce is speedily approaching the $4 trillion mark and stories of how leaders like Amazon, Facebook and Google are making a fortune out of it. Perhaps it’s time to consider thinking about making headlines too by becoming a renowned Internet entrepreneur.

To begin with, you need to acquire a computer or laptop to use as your base of operations and a low- or high-risk merchant account. The process is way fast and trouble free; you can set up a small-sized or medium-sized business in just half a day. Oh! And you need not be a skilled web developer.

So whether you’re out to conduct a brick and mortar business or completely go online, the principles of commerce are still in play: it’s always someone (seller/service provider) meeting the needs of another human (buyer/customer) by either selling them items or providing a service.

Discover ways to start off:

  1. Test waters before diving in— put up a small cost-free site on platforms like WordPress.com and only invest in a bigger and better website if you realize sales.

  1. Go for a micro-niche— most niches are dominated by bigwigs, so you have to spot a unique selling point (USP) with high demand if you want to flourish. Do the same thing but with a unique twist that makes you stand out from others. Plus, Google will rank you higher because you aren’t competing against top sites.

  1. Establish a business to satisfy your own unmet need
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